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Poppy avec feuilles

Where it all began

Marya was born in  Guarda, Portugal and lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada since her childhood.


Music has played a major role in her life since her early days. When she was barely ten years old, she sang with her school choir to commemorate the heroes who made Portugal a free country. This celebration that took place on the day of the Carnation Revolution is an historical moment that Marya will remember forever. 


In Montreal, aged fifteen, during a party at the Portuguese Clube, she demonstrated to a group of musicians that she can sing. That's when she was invited to take the stage and it all started: Marya became one of the musical revelations of the Portuguese community in Greater Montreal.


Marya studied singing with Professor Laurette Bailly (pianist of Alys Robi, Quebec artist). A few years later she continued to study singing with Professor Roger Ferber (French singer and pianist).


In the 90s, Marya got invited by the Quebec comedian, actor and screenwriter Gilles Latulippe to perform on the set of STAR D’UN SOIR, a popular TV show on Radio-Canada at that time. She was also invited at LES DÉMONS DU MIDI, also on Radio-Canada.  


After a break in her artistic career, she now returns to her truest passion. 

In June 2021 Marya is invited by the Festival Portugal Internacional de Montreal to participate in the Portugal Day festivities held at the Rialto Theatre in Montreal.

In July 2022, Marya launched her first CD in Portuguese-language on all the music streaming platforms and on Portuguese-language radio and television stations.

In September 2022, Marya was invited to participate in the TV shows Aqui Portugal and Praça da Alegria of RTP1 and Alô Portugal of SIC in Portugal. She was also a guest on RTP’s RDP radio station Clube da Amizade.


Marya continues to promote her first musical project to Portuguese communities around the world.

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